Claudie's Hair Revitalizer


I've fallen in love with the prepoo treatment you have. Not only does it do wonders as a prepoo, but it detangles like a dream.   What's the largest size you can make me? I was definitely thinking a 16oz and maybe a 32oz too if you can? I'm just so impressed with this product (and the tea spritz that I ordered last time too, it lasts a long time but when I use it frequently my breakage and shedding + this prepoo is basically nonexistent!). The texture too, I love how fluffy it is. 
You and your products are amazing. I would've never imagined that a little more than a year ago, when I first ordered, that I'd fall in love with a brand of products so hard. The effects your hair care line has on my hair is indescribable; no other products I own can duplicate the increased manageability, health and growth that your products have done for me. The only thing as wonderful-- is your customer service! You always respond in a timely manner, and take the time out to answer questions, understand our specific needs, and make well thought out recommendations to help us get to our hair care goals. You are truly an angel, Claudie!
My hair and I sincerely thank you!
Hi Claudie ,
Thank you soo much for the tips ,your email is very informative,I' m really impressed with the customer service and products quality you offer .I can honestly say that i never tried a product that agrees with my hair as much as your line (i tried most of them) I'm totally in love !  I ' m not experiencing any dryness or abnormal shedding at the moment with the elixir but soft nourished roots. Anyway ,hope you re having a pleasant weekend ,lovely to speak to you again :)

Claudie is a very sweet and professional lady! She responds to all inquiries in a timely manner and her products has done wonders on my mother's hair! The oil is one of my favorites - it smells sooooooo good! I highly recommend her products and services to any woman of color who is transitioning or what to "revitalize" their hair.

Melody T


I noticed that my hair had really began sprouting some serious growth and I didn't know what to contribute my growth to. So I narrowed down all my products and used each one one at a time so I knew which one it was that was really giving me good growth. It was your hair elixer- I finished that bottle about 3 weeks ago - and I need more. I am an inch or so past bra strap and I really thank you! I cant wait to update my fotki in June! Please send me another order form. I've never had hair this long in my life and I thank you for aiding me in my journey to ultimate waist lenght hair!


Hey Claudie, hope all is ok. and I want to say a massive THANK YOU.

absolutely love your products.
I went swimming today and you know what that chlorine is like on the hair, anyway after swimming I washed and didn't condition(hair felt a little stripped after) didn't have time so I slapped on your hair moisturiser and my hair was in love once again, and then I sealed using your beautiful garden oil. then I left my hair to naturally dry in a bobble,
LET ME TESTIFY ONCE AGAIN my hair was in heaven, and your garden oil girl I rubbed up my body with that as well, - the back of my foot was moisturised to high heaven


Claudie, I'm so excited to receive my 2nd batch of the hair elixir. This has improved my hair significantly! Can't wait to see new products you plan to add to the line.

Another amazing product by Claudie, this balm just glides on... It is so silky, it is unbeleiveable... I love it...


I finally relaxed on Tuesday, after stretching for 4 months. I wanted to go for 5 months but I couldn't wait.

From August, I began using Claudies growth elixir and I got soooooooo much growth from it, plus, it made my hair thicker. The growth elixir really does work. It is definetly a keeper. My hair has NEVER been this long!

So special thanks to Claudie !!


This Satin Moisturizer is an amazing product... I have a drawer full of moisturizers that do nothing but weigh my hair down and make the style look bad... This lotion is so light, you won't be able to feel it's on your hair... I use it daily, followed by the Garden oil and sometimes you can even skip a day, because your hair feels soooo good... Claudie, don't ever stop making this lotion, Please...

Hi Claudie. I must come in again and say that I loveeeee your elixir. I used it about two times a week for the past two months when I had micro braids and I have an updated picture that you can add to my progress album. I can't believe how my hair is growing and just getting thicker. My hair always grew but it was slow as a snail, I love this elixir its the best. I'm still on my first bottle and I only planned on using it for 6 months, from October to April just to see what it would do, but you know what, i'm gonna keep on using it because it really does something good for my hair. Not just growth but just overall health. I love it I love it I love it!! Thanks so much Claudie, you created a wonderful product. I've tried so many growth aids, and now the Sulphur elixir (just perfect, got growth, tremendous growth, and it's not drying, doesn't stink, isn't too runny, just perfect!!). Thanks so much Claudie.


Miss Claudie,
Thank you for making such awesome products. I have being using your products for several months. I want you to know that I have finally found products that my hair love. It is no longer a chore to do my childrens hair. The comb glides through their hair. My entire family love your products, all of us are getting amazing growth.

I know you take pride in your products, you care about your customers. I know with each order that I receive, I and my family are safe to use the products. I recall I had placed an order. You e-mailed me to let me know there would be a delay in shipping my package. You explained to me that you will not be mailing the moisturizer to customers. One of the ingredient was not up to your standard. Some people would not care, they would still send the product to customers. I thank you for your honesty, excellent customer service and for caring. I will be a customer for life. Your products are worth the wait.

Claudie, your Scalp Elixir is largely responsible for my healthy regrowth after a major health issue severly damaged my hair! I've changed many products but the Scalp Elixir has PROVEN to work and is a staple in my regi. Placing another order right now and will continue to do so! I've linked your site in my regi album since friends have ask about the product! Continued Blessings to you and your company!

Thank you mama, for putting me on your wall of fame and progress, lol. I did mean to thank you ages ago, sorry about that =D

I am making sooooo much progress already. I use the Elixir nightly and the edge balm in the morning, just like you told me to =D. Though I have so much new growth, my hair is very very thick from root to tip, PLUS its all manageable too. Usually at this stage of post relaxing, my ends look very thin compared to the top of the hair.

=D x

Well where do I start I have been on this hair journey since january, and I have tried product after product after product, bought both here and in the USA, had alot of trail and errors.

And I'm still learning as have not done a full year yet to see how my hair reacts during all the seasons, well lately my hair has been getting dryer and dryer(probably due to swimming and the weather/indoor heaters) especially at the roots(had to start moisturising 2 times a day rather than once every 2 days), the water and glycerine mix is great, but as it's getting colder I don't want to be wetting up my head 2 x a day.

Anyway to the point: I have started using Claudies Satin Moisturising Hair Lotion and all I can say is WOW this stuff is great!!!
The old saying that A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY well it sure does with this product (wish I had ordered more now). and my hair is moisturised like nobodies business LOVE IT

Can't wait to start using the Elixir and her garden oil, (after swimming tomorrow will be the start of that journey.

have started using these products and I see alittle growth.


I started using Claudie's Elixir about a week ago, and I can feel the new growth already. I am in love with this product, and it doesnt stink like MTG. I have the Tropical Blend and it really smells tropical without being overbearing. LOVE LOVE LOVE your product Claudie!


I just bought the Elixir and I love it and you just need a little....

I also have the hair lotion...I am in love with this... It is so light and my hair feels good... I just keep touching it over and over again... I used it as my moisturizer after my poo/ deep conditioning treatment and my hair turned out very nice...

I have the oil which I seal with and I love it also... I do hot oil treatments with it... My hair feels like hair again ...

I also have the edge balm and it is so light and just glides on with such ease... I can not believe how light and effective these products are.. My hair hates heavy products...

My hair has found it's love... I will never use Oil moisturizers again... Soon as I get some extra cash I will be placing another order... I do not want to be without these items...

All I can say is *THANK YOU CLAUDIE*,
my hair has needed this for a long time...


Tiera's (Jay) Review On The Hair Revitalizer Gro Elixir

What do you like about it? I like it's consistency and the fact that it has so many good oils in it like castor oil, peppermint, evoo, and lots of others. It's good for growth and the health of your hair.

How'd it make your hair feel? My scalp tingles a little bit, I'm guessing because it has peppermint oil in it. It can get a little drying it you put too much so beware of that feeling because it will feel dry and rough!!

Did it do what it says it would? YES it did. I didnt use it everyday as stated with the directions that come with the bottle for maximum results, (i like that she does that by the way), and I still got good results!!

What scent do you have, and does it smell good? Jasmine Neroli- it smells okay, not too strong and covers up the sulfur in my opinion.


Hi Claudie,
I'm in need of my fix of Scalp Elixir, I'm going to get a perm around August 9. So I promise you a pix so that you can see how your product has blessed me with some hair!!
I tell everybody about it, but you know people always thinking that they know more than you, well, I can tell you first hand that I know more than them because this stuff works.

Ok enough of taking up your time! God Bless !


Oh that's no problem at all, Claudie. Thank you again, your customer service is outstanding

Yep, I used Claudie's Hair Elixir and Edge Balm. I love her products!!!! My fotki pictures in between January and March show my progress from the hair elixir. The only reason why I am not using it now is because I have a weave and the oil consistency makes the hair tangly.

I love how it smells.


I use her garden oil, elixir, body butter and moisturising conditioner.

I'm a fan of Claudie.

Ladies, I just wanted to share this with you all. My friend Monica is recovering from chemotherapy due to cancer. Her hair was about APL pre-cancer. Claudie donated some elixir to my friend, whom she has never met. This may not seem like a big deal, but ladies you should have seen Monica's face when I gave her the bottle. You guys should have heard her voice when she called to tell me she saw new growth, ladies I just want you all to know that we have angels among us. Monica's hair is growing. Monica prayed to have her hair grow back and God sent heaven in a bottle (Claudie's Elixir). The product is working so well for her.

Claudie has touched my heart more than she will ever know. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Miss Claudie, Claudie, Claudieeeeeeeee! You have outdone yourself in a good way. As one of your testers I must say; the new products are aweeesome. You said the best is yet to come; it is here. I cannot keep my hands out of my hair; it is so conditioned and has that swing. Good job!



You must check out Claudie's EliXir (if you haven't already). I had a bald spot (a big one) Back in May, I think It was because of stress, I got a bottle of that Elixir from her and all I have to say is this....IT IS A MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE!!!

I Know that this shout-out is rather Late. I apologize. It would be bad if I did not take the time to mention this on a post all by itself. I started using this elixir on May 7 2008 and by May 12th it was coming back...I actually noticed a change as soon as 3 days later (NO JOKE).....

I was really disappointed and angry when I discovered my bald spot...but, now I am thankful because it led me to Claudie. She is such a wonderful person. She has a big heart. The minute she got on the phone with me I could tell there was something special about her......

Claudie is an angel...It is no wonder that her product is so magical.....
I will keep on using her elixir and now since I am back from lala land and back to following my regimen, I plan to keep the elixir as a stapple and I will use it at least 3 times a wk......BSL here I come!

Kisses and Hugs to my sister Claudie!!!

oh, do not take just my words for it....
view the pics right here...(I used the elixir on my edges...from now on, I will be using it on all of my hair...this is some good stuff!!!


Hi Ladies, I just received my other products from Claudies Line. OMG, they smell sooo good. I got the Moisturizing Conditioner, Balancing Conditioner, and her new Body Butter. The body butter leaves the skin feeling soft, silky, and smelling heavenly. It is so rich that you only need to use a little. It's nice and creamy. I have not used the others yet, but I will be sure to update ok. I'm now the proud owner of the complete line......yes you heard me......and loving them all!!
Thank you Claudie for the excellent customer service.


Hello Ladies,
I tried the new products and I'm happy to report that they worked great for me. The Balancing Conditioner left my hair strong but not hard (my hair is protein sensitive). The Moisturizing conditioner smells great and is very good at adding moisture to dry hair. I guess it can be used weekly just like the Balancing Conditioner. I want to finish up my Balance conditioner because its great that I don't have to figure out if I need moisture or protein.

So there is my review Ladies. I hope this helps anyone thats thinking of trying the products.



She does have great products! I love her honeysucke rinse and satin moisturizer....The moisturizer is so light and moisturizing! Go Claudie!! and boy do they smell good!


Hi ladies,

We must award compliments where they're due..and I must say that Claudie has some AMAZING products, including the Honeysuckle rinse. Whenever I wash my hair, I finish by using the rinse, like a conditioner. My hair becomes so supple, easy to detangle. The comb just glides through the hair with no difficulty. Thank you Claudie for making this product!....another thing that is GREAT is the price.. and it smells soooooooooooooo good!

Oh yeah, while you're at it, please check out her satin moisturizer..It is very moisturizing and not oily... It ALSO smells good!

Go get yours Ladies!!



Dear Claudie,
Thank you so much for such great customer service; it is much appreciated. I really like your products and I can clearly see a difference in my hair. I will send you pictures when I get a chance.
All the best,


Hi Claudie,
Thank you for the good service and for the refund. Frankly, I didn't mind for the excess postage cost.  But what I can say is that God will always bless you for your honesty! People like you are rare, believe me.

Best regards,


Greetings, It's Tammy again..I am so sorry to keep bothering you, but I can't help it! Yesterday was the 1st day I have ever used any of your products. I used a clarifying shampoo for the very 1st time as well as you recommended. Today, 2nd day, my off black hair is shining like nobody's business( grinning from ear to ear). I am so darn impressed. I never thought about the possibility of me having buildup & residue in my hair. Thank You so much ! OHHHHHHHHH, & I smell lovely. I mean my hair smells divinely of the scent of Kiwi & Mango.  I will be ordering real soon. Christmas gifts to myself & I need to stock up before you sell to some BIG COMPANY.  Go off sipping drinks getting your groove back(if you've ever lost it...hahaha) and they change the dang ingredients & increase the price. LAWDDDDDDD send me some more order forms PLEASE!!

Good evening, Claudie....

How is it going with you ? I have faith that your hair product business is prosperous !

Anywhooooo, I have an order for you:

I find that I buy and order from you more than other merchant (including drugstore and beauty supply store). I have stopped wasting my money experimenting. You have won my vote--period !

By the way, the End Insurance #2 is perfect as a moisturizer for my napps. It does add strength and it sticks to my hair longer because of the medium heavy and smooth consistency. I did retain some length which is hard to do for my 60 year old head. (Ahem,.... age is just a number) (I think I'm still cute !)

Feel free to use my comments because your products are fabulous !

Thanks so much for excellent products,



Hope all is well with you!  I apologize for the delayed response.  I didn't go to church, so the compliments will have to wait.The products worked so well, I am absolutely a fan of yours for life.  Normally after I come out of a weave my hair is so hard todetangle and it hurts tremendously to comb it out.  After I washed and deep conditioned it, I used the cream rinse and it was so soft and manageble. 
After I blow dried my hair I pressed it without any cream or oil and I must tell you, it was so shiny. Honestly that has never ever happened.  Thank you for your amazing products!  I will send you some photos later on.  You and your products have made my hair journey something special.  Thank you my friend, have a great day tomorrow!




Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I'm happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks for wonderful products and excellent customer service.  My hair was overprocessed when I had a perm.  A friend told me about your products and I've being using your products for 4 months.  I'm amazed at the transformation of my hair.  I'll never be without your products.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me.